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Senate Staffers for Health Care Bill

  Here the Senate Staffers for the health care bill.  Please let them know 
  what you think of proposals to pre-empt state law on heath care privacy, 
  without a federal bill which provides privacy.  We will try to get the 
  exact language in play. jamie  
  ---          Janlori, maybe you can help with this :-)  ----
  Health Care Bill HR 3103
  Senate Conferees
  Senator Lott:
  Renee Bennett	tel: 224-6253
  		fax: 224-2262
  Senator Roth:
  Doug Fischer	tel: 224-4515
  		fax: 224-5920
  Senator Kennedy:
  Andrea Fishman	tel: 224-4543
  		fax: 224-3533
  Senator Monyihan:
  Rakesh Sing	tel: 224-4451
  		fax: wouldn't release 
  Senator Kassebaum:
  Dean Rosen	tel: 224-4774
  		fax: 224-6510