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Re: Citizen Access to Copies of Medical Records Privacy Legislation

  On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Dick Mills wrote:
  > Gee, I presume it wasn't the bill mentioned below, from Computer 
  > Industry Daily.  :-)
     Not at all.  The bill was about medical records.  The hearing was 
  friday.  The staffer for the subcommittee on this bill is Mark Ungerford, 
  at 202/225-5147.  This morning the subcommittee could not give me a 
  bill number, and I don't know if the bill has been introduced or not, 
  although it is clearly being circulated to industry lobbyists. jamie
  >                   Online FOIA Bill Resurfaces
  >    The Senate will again consider bringing the Freedom of 
  >    Information Act into the computer age.  A bill requiring 
  >    federal agencies to provide records online is coming up 
  >    for a second vote.  The bill previously won Senate approval, 
  >    but died in the House.  Representative Steve Horn will 
  >    reintroduce the bill in the House soon.  The intent of the bill 
  >    is to amend the FOIA "so that agencies use technology to make 
  >    government more accessible and accountable to its citizens."  
  >    The bill runs counter to the present situation in which agencies, 
  >    not the information requester, choose the format for releasing 
  >    information.  The bill is supported by 23 organizations including 
  >    the American Library Association, OMB Watch, and Public Citizen.
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