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Re: Full text of WSJ article on SB 1028 by Dr. James Orient

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  >Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 03:55:13 -0500
  >From: D. G. Huffman <perinatl@slip.net>
  >To: "Robert C. Carson" <rcarson@acpub.duke.edu>
  >Subject: Re: Kassenbaum-Kennedy bill - Bizarre Hazard to Fee-For-Service
  >I have enclosed the full text of the article. It was in the Thursday Wall
  >Street Journal, 5/30/96. Feel free to pass it on.
  >Health Bill Would Shackle Doctors -- Literally
  >By James M. Orient
  >Sending doctors or patients to federal prison in order to protect health
  >plans from paying too much was one the most loathsome features of the
  >defeated Clinton Health Security Act. Now it's back, passed by both houses
  >of Congress, voted for by all 150 senators.  [rest snipped]
  Hmm.  There are only 100 senators in the US Congress.  Is this a joke?
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