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Re: CPT on FTC June 4-5 Privacy Workshop -Reply

  Attention to all on this listserv:  You are apparently NOT a
  consumer or privacy advocate unless Jamie Love
  approves of you.  You had better make sure that you don't
  say or do anything that Mr. Love does not approve or you
  too will be removed from the official Jamie Love list of
  consumer or privacy advocates. 
  You have been warned!!
  Bob,    I think James has a point.     Consumer privacy is
  violated everyday without their even realizing it.   And it is not
  just in the health industry.    The Equifaxes(using this
  generically, not as a slam)   will  get the data they need.   It is
  the consumer who intersects with a complicated health
  delivery system that needs to be warned and made aware
  how to protect his or her rights.    
  In addition,   the regs should err on the side of the consumer
  who may not always know how to protect his or her
  John Pounders
  Promina Northwest
  I just speak for me.