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problems posting to this list

  I have some reports of problems posting to this list, so let me shed some
  light on the software problems.  We use listproc software, which is free. 
  It keeps an ascii file of subscribers, which have an exact email address,
  based upon the "incoming" address from your initial subscription (or the
  way it was done manually).  If for any reason your incoming email address
  changes (for example, due to changes in your ISP's software) then our
  listproc won't recognize you as a subscriber, and you can't post.  
  You can send me a note and I'll try to fix things on my end.  Or, we
  could eliminate the requirement that you be a subscriber to post.  (This
  setting is our default, in order to limit "spamming").  The list is 
  open and unmoderated.  Differing viewpoints are welcome.  
  James Love / love@tap.org / P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036
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