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CPT on FTC June 4-5 Privacy Workshop

                Consumer Project on Technology
             P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036
  June 3, 1996
  Martha Landesberg
  Federal Trade Commission
  via Internet:  mlandesberg@ftc.gov
  Dear Ms Landesberg:
  I am writting to express our disappointment at the rooster of 
  panel members for the June 4 and 5, 1996 FTC "Public Workshop on 
  Consumer Privacy."   It appears as though the vast majority of 
  panel members represent companies who have interests which are 
  often at odds with policies to enhance personal privacy.  This is 
  particularly true for the sessions on June 4.
  While we were pleased to see that Robert Ellis Smith, Evan 
  Hendricks and Marc Rotenberg are presented on all five FTC 
  privacy panels for June 4, we were disappointed about the overall 
  lack of balance.  As you know, we were not permitted to 
  participate on the June 4 Session  3 panel, on the topic of 
  medical and financial information online.  Indeed, for this panel 
  we were surprised that many well known medical records privacy 
  advocates we not even contacted for this panel. One would have 
  expected to see Dr. Denise Nagel from the Coalition for Patient 
  Rights, Professor Beverly Woodward from Brandeis, or Don Haines 
  from the American Civil Liberties Union, to name just a few.
  We were also puzzled to see that the Center for Democracy and 
  Technology (CDT) was represented on every panel for both June 4 
  and June 5 sessions, even though this non-profit is largely seen 
  as an advocate for industry interests, rather than for privacy 
  rights.  Indeed, with CDT's expensive funding from AT&T, IBM, 
  TRW, Equifax, Direct Marketing Association, Dun and Bradstreet, 
  American Online, Prodigy, Compuserve, MARC, Netscape, US West and 
  many additional industry groups that are represented on the FTC 
  privacy panels, it seems as though the FTC could have done a 
  better job of reaching out to privacy advocates.  (Of course, CDT 
  does have a knowledgeable staff, and considerable expertise on 
  these issues.  But CDT isn't considered to be a consumer or 
  privacy advocate.)
  I hope that in the future the FTC does a better job to including 
  groups who represent consumer interests, than will be the case 
  for the June 4, 1996 panels. 
  James Love, Director
  Consumer Project on Technoliogy
  202/387-8030; 202/234-5176
  June 4, 1996:   Session 1, the Use of Consumer Information
  Association of National Advertisers (Daniel Jaffe)
  American Association of Advertising Agencies (John Kamp)
  US WEST (Katherine Krause)
  Information Industry Association (Krause, Plesser)
  Interactive Services Association (Jack Drumholtzx)
  Piper & Marbury, Ron Plesser (who also represents IIA, DMA , D&B, 
  and others)
  Internet Profiles Corporation (Ariel Poler)
  Direct Marketing Association (Robert Sherman)
  Equifax (Alan Westin)
  June 4, 1996:   Session 2, the Electronic Regimes for Protecting 
  Consumer Privacy Online
  Prodigy  (Brian Elk)
  Interactive Services Association (Brian Elk)
  Netscape (Peter Harter)
  Association of National Advertising Agencies (John Kamp)
  US West  (Kathern Krause)
  Information Industry Association (Katherine Krause)
  Compuserve  (Pierce Reid)
  Direct Marketing Association (Pierce Reid)
  AT&T (Paul Resnick)
  Internet Profiles Corporation (Ariel Poler)
  Equifax (Alan Westin)
  June 4, 1996:   Session 3 - Use of Medical and Financial 
  Information Online
  TRW (Trudie Bushey)
  American Bankers Association (Kawika Kaguio)
  American Health Information Management Associaiton (AHIMA, 
  Kathleen Frawley)
  American Association of Advertising Agencies (John Kamp)
  AT&T (Janet Koehler)
  IMS America (D&B company, Robert Merold)
  Direct Marketing Association (Robert Sherman)
  Equifax   (Alan Westin)
  Session 4 - the Impact of the European Union's Directive on 
  Protection of Personal Data
  Reader's Digest (Mari Anne Blatch)
  IBM (Roger Cochetti)
  Interactive Services Association (Roger Cochetti)
  Dun & Bradstreet (Gary Friend)
  American Association of Advertising Agencies (John Kamp)
  Canadian Direct Marketing Associaiton (Scott McLellan)
  Piper and Murbury (DMA, IIA, D&B, Ron Plesser)
  June 4, 1996:   Session 5 - Consumer and Business Education in 
  Online Privacy Issues
  America Online (William Burrington)
  Interactive Services Association (William Burrington)
  Council of Better Business Bureaus (Steven Cole)
  National Retail Federation (Mallory Duncan)
  Direct Marketing Association (Connie Heatley)
  American Association of Advertising Agencies (John Kamp)
  Equifax (Alan Westin)
  Appearing on every panel on June 4
  Janlori Goldman, Center for Democracy and Technology* 
  Linda Golodner, National Consumers League 
  Robert Ellis Smith, Privacy Jouranal 
  Evan Hendricks, Privacy Times
  Marc Rotenberg, EPIC 
  National Association of Attorney Generals 
  John Kamp, AAAA
  Alan Westin, consultant to Equifax
  June 5, 1996:  All Day Workshop on Privacy, Children and 
  Prodigy (Brian Elk)
  Direct Marketing Association (Patricia Faley)
  Microsysems Software (Susan Getgood)
  Netscape (Peter Harter)
  PrivnNet (James Howard)
  Association of National Advertisers (Daniel Jaffe)
  American Association of Advertising Agencies
  Interactive Services Association
  Caru (Elizabeth Kascoutx)
  Magnet Studios (Lucy Lieberman)
  Kellogg (Bill Nielsen)
  Kellogg (Karen Kafer)
  Modem Media (Gerald O'Connell)
  Kraft Foods (Paul Petroccelli)
  American Advertising Federation (Paul Petroccelli)
  American Online (David Phillips)
  TROVE Investment Corporation &Net Nanny  (Gordon Ross)
  New View Communications (Chuck Runge)
  Safe Surf (Wendy Simpson)
  Direct Marketing Services (Craig Stevens)
  McGraw-Hill (Bryan Waters)
  Center for Democracy and Technology* (Jerry Berman)
  Non industry
  Consumers Union (Charolotte Baecher)
  National Association of Attorney General's Office (MN-Doug 
  American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Dr. Michael 
  PTA (Arnold Fege)
  Consumer Federation of America (May Fise)
  Privacy Times (Evan Henricks)
  Center for Media Education (Kathryn Montgomery)
  Privacy Journal, Robert Ellis Smith 
  *CDT basically represents industry interests on privacy matters.
  James Love / love@tap.org / P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036
  Voice: 202/387-8030; Fax 202/234-5176
  Center for Study of Responsive Law
     Consumer Project on Technology; http://www.essential.org/cpt
     Taxpayer Assets Project; http://www.tap.org