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  If I negligently slam a car door on your finger or thumb, IMO my insurance
  company is entitled to ALL information about your finger/thumb period.
  *IF* you claim psychological or psychiatric trauma as a consequence I
  suggest company is entitled to know whether there are such problems in
  past (e.g., you are a concert pianist and now your ability to earn a
  living is jeopordized).  If you had had no psych. problems in past that is
  one issue ... but had you had a long history of psych. problems that had a
  bearing on your ability to earn a living, then that is another issue.
  I agree with you that if your past psych. problem was anxiety because sig
  other served frozen butter at meal time, then that's your business ... no
  one elses.  I am probably in a minority on this issue. 
  James D Brady, Columbus, OH, typing for Jim and no other one or entity.