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Re: Master Patient Index Workshop

  On Tue, 14 May 1996, Robert Gellman wrote:
  > Lew Lorton just posted a notice about a recently announced workshop on a
  > master patient index.  I just want to use it to make a point.  In the
  > debate on the medical privacy legislation, some have said that the
  > proposed legislation is terrible because it would permit centralized
  > computerized databases of patient information.  It is not that simple. 
     I haven't posted notes from the May 10 workshop yet, but here is 
  something else to think about.  Both Dr. Jim Fackler, from Harvard, and 
  Professor Ross Anderson, from Cambridge University, discussed models of 
  records management that could be implemented over a Web type technology, 
  but not as a centralized database.  They had in mind decentralized 
  systems with URL's, and encrypted records, with the patient deciding what 
  if anything to share with whom .....  Professor Anderson said that 
  researchers would send out blinded requests for data, and would be truly 
  voluntary.... directly to primarily care providers...     His paper on 
  this, found on the EPIC wep page... is very interesting.
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