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S. 1360 mark-up again postponed.

  Today's workshop went very well.... it was taped. thanks to JRI Health 
  and the ACLU, and when we figure out how to do so, the tapes will be 
  available ....   
  Kennedy's staff said that the mark-up on S. 1360 has been postponed again,
  they are now talking about Memorial day..... last version of bill is
  reportedly April 29, with a new draft expectd this comming tuesday.... If
  you are still looking at the published bill, then you aren't getting what
  the DC lobbyists can get from Kassebaum's office.  You might let her
  office know that ordinary citizens would like to see copies of the draft
  on the Internet, if she wants people outside of a handful of washington
  lobbyists to know what is going on.... 
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