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Re: Confidentiality Policies in Dr's Off Site Office

  Mr. Lorton wrote:
  >The real challenge is to improve security and balance the costs against the
  >effects on efficiency so that all stakeholders can live with the results.
  Therein lies the reason why we can never get consensus on some of these
  issues.  We don't share the same basic values.  I am interested in costs but 
  not at the sacrifice of *any* of my privacy.  My priorities are different than
  yours Mr. Lorton.  I would rather forego treatment than risk my privacy in 
  certain areas, so it is more than a matter of cost, but also access 
  to health care.
  Mr. Dubios said it better:
  There are forces at work that will, if unresisted, take from us our liberties.
  There always will be.  But at least in the United States, our rights are not
  so much stolen from us as they are simply lost by us.  The price of freedom
  is not only vigilance but also participation.
  Phillip L. Dubois, 1996
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