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Re: Confidentiality Policies

  >>> or financial records) held in a computer of some sort is to not accept the
  >> benefits of participating in that system.  Find and use a doctor who does
  >> not use computers, with labs that do not and hospitals that do not and
  >> imaging labs that do not, pay with cash and take your records with you.  
  >Try that in Maryland, please.
  Don't be ingenuous.
  There is a price for everything - not necessarily in dollars.  If you want
  health care, or anything else, there are the side effects.  If you get
  chemotherapy, your hair falls out; if you subscribe to a magazine, you get
  junk mail;if you water your lawn, you have to mow it; if you take part in a
  discussion on a list server, people respond.
  Its a package deal. Your choice.
  You could move to rural Belize, live on roots, cure yourself with herbs and
  pay for your grub by picking coconuts.
  What Saxon King commanded the tide to stop and ended up with wet feet?
  Lew Lorton