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Re: S. 1360 mark-up -- now its May 15

  It is no suprise that this has happened.  Thanks for the update.
  Michael gendron
  On Mon, 6 
  May 1996, James Love wrote:
  > Just talked with Kassebaum's office, and was told that the mark-up on S. 
  > 1360 will be May 15.  
  > Others think this may slip.  Opposition to the bill seems to be enough to
  > make some think that it isn't ready to go this year.  There seems to be
  > more interest in more modest changes in the Administrative Simplification
  > sections of the health insurance bill, as the more ambitious Bennett bill
  > isn't as non-controversial as some of its supporters had asserted. 
  > Opposition to the Bennett bill has reportedly come from a number of 
  > different groups, including consumer and privacy groups, as well as some 
  > insurance, business, and health care provider interests.  
  >   jamie
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