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West Midlands WWW IM&T Training Site

  I am pleased to announce the launch of the West Midlands IM & T Training Site
  aimed at supporting all IM & T training initiatives in the West Midlands
  including Primary Care and Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education as well as
  providing a reference site on National Initiatives and updates.  The site is
  constantly under development and we hope to be able to launch a conferencing
  facility in the next couple of months.
  URL:	http://www.ihcd.org.uk/wm
  We look forward to receiving any comments and or suggestions that you may have
  and hope that you will find the site useful.
  Nathalie Page
  IM & T Training & Development Adviser, West Midlands
  The Enabling People Programme is managed by the NHS Training Division on behalf
  of the NHS Executive Information Management Group