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  Sorry to be pesky with questions but I'm about to seek some treatment
  with my own provider, and this whole debate has sensitized me
  to the privacy implications.
  If I provide information to my provider today, under today's 
  conditions of confidentiality, then if the provider's policies 
  change or the laws change tomorrow, loosening confidentiality, 
  what then?
  >From my selfish interest I would like to see one of the following.
     a) The previous confidentiality restrictions to carry over, i.e.
        grandfathered privileges.
     b) To say that the new data bases and disclosed information
        shall contain only information I provided after the new
        rules or laws take effect. i.e. A different kind of
     c) The right to opt-out and have my medical record expunged
        before the new rules or laws take effect.
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