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Seeking common ground on medical privacy legislation (fwd)

  This is from a thread on FOI-L, where several jouralists are complaining 
  about S. 1360 because they think it gives too much privacy. 
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  Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 10:14:01 -0500
  From: Joel Campbell <FOIGUY@AOL.COM>
  To: Multiple recipients of list FOI-L <FOI-L@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU>
  Subject: Seeking common ground on medical privacy legislation
  Like Bob Becker I am interested in seeing some more discussion on how we can
  stop Sen. Bob Bennett's bill (at least part of it) from becoming law. I think
  we can learn from the mistakes made on DMV to help in this case. In Bennett's
  home state of Utah we've gotten SPJ and the state press association involved
  and asked members to write letters and make calls. I would encourage others
  concerned about the issue to do the same. I will be meeting with Bennett's
  Utah staff on Friday. We have proposed that an alternative to the  bill is
  the current policy used by the Utah Hospital Association.  That policy
  doesn't require prior patient approval for cases of "public interest." I'll
  get a copy of the policy and post it in the near future. I think there is
  some common ground, but it's likely we just have to agree to disagree with
  those on the list who would not support such a provision.
  Thanks, Joel Campbell
  Assistant City Editor
  Deseret News
  Utah SPJ