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Re: CPT's March 1 Letter to Senator Kassebaum

  On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Robert Gellman wrote:
  > To those on the Med-Privacy list who received a copy of the CPT letter to
  > Senator Kassebaum, I just want to indicate that Jamie Love's use of my
  > comments was done without my permission.  I was incorrectly identified in
  > his letter,
      who are you then?
  > my position on the legislation was mischaracterized,
     Well, its my opinion.
  > and the 
  > quote is out of context. 
      Not really.  You have said time and time again, in the AHIMA meetings 
  and on this list, that you believe that consent is often obtained under 
  conditions where people don't have a real choice (coercion is present).
  > No one should infer from the use of my comments that I support any of 
  > Jamie's proposals.
     I never said you did, or did not.
  > I consider the use of comments posted to this list for lobbying purposes 
  > without permission to be impolite at best.  
        This is a public discussion  list which is largley focused on S. 
  1360.  You make statements to this list to influence people about the 
  legislation.  I do too.  If you are not comofortable with being quoted at 
  all, without your permission, then don't post.  (If the quote is unfair 
  or out of context, please set the record straight).  
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