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Re: Feb 2 AHIMA meeting on S. 1360

  Gordon takes Jamie's word that he is representing the general public
  interest, the consumers.  Jamie has no clue what EVERYONE wants or what
  EVERYONE's best interest is - anymore than Gordon does.
  What the health care providers at the table are attempting to say is that
  many of the suggested provisions about which Jamie bleats at great length
  can only be imnplemented at enormous cost to health care resources.
  uummmm lewis, methinks you are engaging in the very hyperbole of which 
  you accuse Jamie.  Your statement that individual medical privacy can be 
  protected only at enormous cost to health care resources is just as vague 
  as anything you accuse jamie of.  If you want to go that route then 
  **quantify the cost** to resources and let the rest of use decide how much 
  privacy is worth.
  The technologist's tendency is to collect every scrap of data because our 
  computers make that possible to do now.... and better stick personal 
  identifiers on it so medicine can reach quantifiable data about what 
  treatment produces what outcomes.  This holy grail will come with a cost. 
  I am glad that jamie is here reminding the technologists what the cost 
  will be.
  medical consumers want to know what the hell you people are doing.  thats 
  what we want and if jamie is the only one here who will tell us then I 
  would say he does indeed know what we want.
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