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Re: birthdate, etc.

  This is in reference to the msg below.  
  The case of Ms. D. is one simple case of the cost to us all of the 
  predation of the medical records industry.  Their endless chant 
  about the cost of doing the right thing (meaning largely the cost to 
  them) is meant to lull us into ignoring the costs of lost dignity 
  and freedom. 
  What does it cost Ms. D to go through this?  What does it cost 
  millions of us who go through similar events, over & over & over?  
  However indignant, the question is a serious one.  The inability to 
  quantify a cost does not make it unreal.  It just means your terms 
  of measurement are inadequate.
  We couldn't afford to give up slavery-by-race, we couldn't afford to 
  give up Jim Crow, we couldn't afford to give up child labor, we 
  couldn't afford to give up unequal pay for women, we couldn't afford 
  to give up wholesale environmental degradation.  In each case 
  experts told us we would pay dearly, and besides, it's a fait 
  accompli, think what it would mean to change it.
  And now we cannot afford to give up whatever it is that some special 
  interest hires a lobbyist to tell Senators we cannot afford.  No 
  pattern here!  Nothing self-serving whatsoever.  We're from the 
  medical-records industry, and we're here to help you, because we 
  have your best interests in our totally altruistic hearts.  Ah, by 
  the way, please ignore all savings from ceasing to do things the 
  wrong way (we did).  Please ignore all issues of constitutionality, 
  human dignity, the liberty due Americans, and quality of life (we 
  did).  Remember who contributes to whom, here.  Never forget that 
  medical privacy is a myth, because we grabbed it years ago while no 
  one was looking.  It's ours now, and we don't want to hear this 
  Ms. Dellarocco was right, and this is the forum to say so.  One of 
  may forums to say so.
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  Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 21:38:58 -0500 (EST)
  Reply-To: anndell@rdz.stjohns.edu
  Sender: med-privacy@essential.org
  From: Ann Dellarocco <anndell@rdz.stjohns.edu>
  Subject: birthdate, etc.
  Hi everyone:
  I would like to thank everyone for their replies, the good and
  the obnoxious one by the guy who hides behind a # instead of a
  name in the signature line, and I am sorry if this is inappropriate
  for this list, IN YOUR OPINION.
  However, I have read recently there are already 138 databanks
  on the Net which have information for everything you can imagine.
   Since this is a medical privacy issue, and I have lots of 
   I detest the fact that anyone can go into a computer and look
   at my medical history.  Some of my illnesses/disabilities are
   hidden, which would give me at least a "fighting chance" someday
   to get a job--BUT NOT ANYMORE.  My goose is cooked so to speak
   with the computer banks.
   And on other issues, such as credit banks (no one will be able
   to purchase a home or get a mortgage); the list can go on and
   So if you want to give your birthdates, then do so.  If someone
   accosted you, you would probably whimper and give in to them
   too.  I choose to NOT give in, but to fight first, based on 
   Why do they make laws such as "You are not allowed to ask someone's
   age," and then make others (verbally) and threaten me that I
   cannot get a prescription filled.  I believe this is the right
   list to post this concern to.
   Thank all the rest of you who contributed thoughtful insights.
   They will be considered.
  Ann Dellarocco
  Internet: anndell@rdz.stjohns.edu
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