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Re: Gulf War Syndrome

  As I read this, I did have the thought that I never met anyone who 
  didn't consider the insurance industry to be a profound & 
  self-serving scam.  Purely anecdotal, of course, but worth 
  I also perceive a profound distrust of the medical industry, taken 
  as a whole.  (Anecdotal again, of course.)
  In this forum, we have learned to be distrustful of the privacy 
  strip-mining industry.
  Here is an example of the confluence of all three.
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  Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 10:05:59 -0500 (EST)
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  Subject: Gulf War Syndrome
  I am wondering if any of you caught the National Public Radio spot 
  friday morning, where a gulf war vet was interviewed. His name was 
  He has five or so simulataneous disabilities going on, most of them
  apparently related to exposure to burning petroleum products, 
  exposure to biological weapons of Saddam, etc.
  The US Army fought his medical claims by hiring a Psychiatrist to 
  him, and after writing a long treatise, concluded that the young 
  problems were 'somataform' disorder (psychosomatic or in the 
  vernacular, all
  'in his head'. Despite the fact that he had a doctor who had proven 
  all 5
  diseases in lab results. 
  As I have gone on to document, this is the standard dodge in this 
  for medical problems. Whether from disease, auto accident, mugging, 
  accident or whatever, apparently this nations excuse for deflecting
  responsibility is to hire a 'hired gun' psychiatrist, to write a 
  report on the victim, and blame everything on psychosomatic 
  Any comments, or observations?
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