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  Usually not all members dial-in at the same time.
  So most providers handle the formula : Total lines = user * 1/10
  In this case  2 lines will be too little so take about 5 lines.
  Here in The Netherlands the only choice you have is whether to take
  ISDN_2 or to take ISDN_30. So, over here you will have to take 3 ISDN_2 lines.
          Erik Maranus
          ZeelandNet B.V.
  At 13:43 11-12-96 -0500, you wrote:
  >I'm new to the list and would like to post a question.
  >I work for a non-profit org. We are going to offer Internet classes, and
  >will be using approximately 15 CPU's. Will it be necessary to have 15
  >individual ISDN lines?
  >Which would be more efficient for this type of Internet setup ISDN or T1?
  >Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  >				Thank
  >				alritter@escape.com