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Re: Another point of view

  On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, James Love wrote:
  > On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Bill Frezza wrote:
  > > Speaking of sources of revenue, does anyone know who is paying the
  > > Nader/Love bills for this particular lobbying excercise? We all know what a
  > > great supporter Ralph is of publicly disclosing his income sources.
  >     Our work on the ISDN issue is funded by the Rockefeller Family Fund
  > and the Millstream fund.  The Tax Returns for the Center for Study of
  > Responsive Law, which list donors, have been a matter of public record
  > since 1969.  
  Look, I am not a supporter of everything Nader's Raiders do, but I
  appreciate mr. love's work. Also, Mr. Frezza, I consider myself a
  libertarian and not a socialist. I seem to recall you speaking of
  yourself, or someone speaking of you, as a libertarian. I don't know how
  one justifies defending a monopoly as a libertarian act, but I can also
  see it as sort of odd that I may be on the side of regulators on this one.
  Time will telll tell.
  --Dr. Who