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Re: SLC charges on ISDN lines -- 1 or 2?

  Page 3 of my Bell Atlantic bill shows:
  $3.50 Federal Subscriber Line Charge for my ISDN line.
  Renard (Marty) Martin
  mailto: rmartin@mnsinc.com
  Herndon, VA USA
  > From: James Love <love@tap.org>
  > To: Multiple recipients of list <isdn@essential.org>
  > Subject: SLC charges on ISDN lines -- 1 or 2?
  > Date: Tuesday, November 05, 1996 12:53 PM
  > We are having difficulty determing the number of SLC charges for some of
  > the LECs, in part because it is hard to get people on the telephone at
  > FCC, the state commissions or the companies who can answer a simple
  > question.  Based upon your own bill, does the LEC charge by line or by
  > channel for the SLC charges.  (the so-called FCC subscriber line charge).
  > The typical SLC is $3.50 for residential lines, and $6 for busines
  > lines...  some LECs apparently charge double (for each B channel), and
  > some, it seems, charge once (by line).  For your LEC, what is the deal? 
  > jamie
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