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Re: SLC charges on ISDN lines -- 1 or 2?

  On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, David Lesher / hated by RBOC's in 5 states wrote:
  > But note Bell Awful is more than happy to overbill you. Further
  > ISTM that the FCC sets the MAX rate, and the RBOC can charge less.
    Not possible. Remember the Bell Atlantic Press Release? They fought the
  FCC hard to insure afforadble ISDN rates! No double charging on 
  Subscriber Line Charge (SLC).
    The press release of Bell Atlatics victory should still be on their
  web sire at www.ba.com. (Right near their press release which charges
  $249 for flat rate ISDN lines. I'm sure glad they saved me that 3.50!
  With friends like them who needs enemies!)