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Re: "ISDN Tariff Trick" -Reply

  At 11:29 AM 11/4/96 -0500, Doctor Who wrote:
  >I don't agree. Until Nynex/Whatever offers a reasonable, reliable way to
  >put a small server on the net, I will stay with my DOSBS. I would prefer
  >to bypass the bastards completely, and will do so when I can.
  I understand your point, but NYNEX has the sort of reasonable position
  that they don't need to subsidize this.  They lose money bigtime on nailed
  users.  What they should do is fix their Frame Relay rates, which are 
  above average due to their charging mileage to their FR switches.
  >I am getting frustrated with the paranoia and fear that accompanies DOSBS.
  >I see advertisements for 56K modems coming to market next year, and this
  >makes me consider dropping the ISDN line for those. Of course, like every
  >other analog spped upgrade, it won't actually work until 6 months after it
  >is put to market. And I'd still have to get my ISP to support it!
  Yeah, but the funny thing is that the 56k modems *are* using DOSBS (in
  the downstream direction, with some scrambling).  So the Telco Systems
  hack will not only break ISDN DOSBS, but will break 56k modems!  That'll
  bring the Wrath of God onto them, noting that Lucent is also behind 56k
  Also, the 56k modems depend on *good* short local loops.  Not common
  in NYNEXland.
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