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Re: A DOV technical question

  At 12:32 AM 11/4/96 -0500, Fred Goldstein wrote:
  >If your line is set up voice only, data calls won't go through, and telco
  >won't be able to charge you for data.  NYNEX charges $5/month to enable
  >data per B channel, so if you're paying it, you are then entitled to pay
  >the extra-expensive per-minute rates for data calls.  But voice calls,
  >including DOV, will still go at the voice rate.
  BTW, Fred -- does NYNEX up there *also* charge the per-call "drop" (10.6
  cents, here in NYC) for data calls, on *top* of the per-minute data charges?
  The combination, here in NYC, makes demand-based throttling (where my
  hardware could bring the lines up and down based on traffic) prohibitive...
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