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courier I modem

  Jim Biederer wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
   JB> I purchased a courier I modem and can connect at 64K but get
   JB> nothing displayed in my browser. US Robotics and I have been
   JB> on the phone for about a total of 8-9 hours trying to
   JB> troubleshoot this. Anyone have any experience with Couriers?
  Yes, but the gulf between the browser and the modem is pretty large.  You need
  to isolate the problem to the proper subsystem and provide more complete
  information.  For example, what are you using for an operating system?  What
  are you using for TCP/IP software?  Are you connecting with SLIP or PPP?  Are
  you able to prove IP connectivity using PING?  Are you able to PING a host by
  giving its IP address but not by giving its domain name?  Was your system
  previously known to be working using an analog modem, or is this a completely
  new installation?
  -- Mike
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