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Re: "ISDN Tariff Trick"

  At 12:07 PM 10/30/96 -0500, Curtiss Priest wrote:
  >Check out the front page of the Oct 28th issue of Inter@ctive.
  >Apparently a number of manufacturers including Farallon have
  >made it possible to send digital data over ISDN but fooling
  >the Telco into thinking it is a voice connection, and thus
  >get the lower tariff.
  This is news?
  We've been using "Data Over Speech Bearer Service" since 1992 or so.
  Back then, it was required because there was no data trunking into some
  COs.  But the NYNEX tariffs also surcharged data, so we continued to
  use it; I use it daily here in the Boston area.  Gandalf, Ascend,
  Cisco, Motorola, IBM/NetworkExpress, 3Com and no doubt other vendors support
  this.  It's part of the WinISDN API as the "Data Over Voice" call option.
  Tariff advantages exist in NYNEX, some Bell Atlantic, GTE, and scattered
  other places.
  Other uses include interworking with non-ISDN PBXs.  A DOV call can go
  into a PBX's digital (Channelized T1) direct inward dialing trunk and land
  on a 56 kbps data applique, thus making an ISDN-to-non-ISDN data call. Given
  the paucity of PRI as well as old PBXs, this can be very useful.
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