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Re: IP: Pac Bell says Net use may collapse phone system

  >         10 times as much!  How do you figure?  If a voice network
  >  is contructed based upon the assumption that no more than 10 percent
  >  of the voice customers will be online at one time, how do 
  >  customers using ISP, that can only conntect less than 10 percent
  >  of thier customers at any one time, cost 10 times as Much!!!
  How much of a percentage of an ISP's customers may have be connected
  to the ISP at any one time bears no relevance on the argument in any
  way shape or form. The only thing that is relevant is average usage
  of any given line, be it residential or business or ISP. The average
  usage for any given ISP line is approx. 10 times what a residential
  line is. 
  An ISP may only be connecting 10% of it's customers at a time but it
  it is using 100% of it's line's capacity, as opposed to average residential
  that use maybe 10% of it's capacity. You could have a really bad ISP that 
  under provisions his lines such that only 5% of his customer's can get online
  at any one time. That still means that any one of his lines is used at
  neary 100% capacity. It makes no difference how many customers of ISP may try to
  get to his pool, the real indicator is the average usage of the ISP's lines.
  This average usage indicates the impact they have on the network. 
  Think about the problem for the standpoint of any single line and it requires
  in terms of resources from the switch.