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Re: IP: Pac Bell says Net use may collapse phone system

  >     Maybe I'm missing something here.  Is the length of call the ONLY
  > important variable?  Isn't the real issue the number of lines that can be
  > used at any one time....    like the percent of customers who are using
  > the telephone at the same time?    What is this percent...for the typical
  > POTS user?  jamie
  Yes, I wasn't clear. If a large and increasing number of users (POTS or ISDN)
  have their lines in use for significantly longer durations (1+ hour) than the
  normal 2 - 4
  minutes of traditional voice calls. Then there are many more lines (and thus
  switching/trunking capacity) being utilized a the same time. The conventional
  statistical "muxing" of the phone network capacity is overloaded and the phone
  company must ether significantly upgrade their switching/trunking OR bypass
  the long duration datatraffic off the switched voice network and onto a high
  capacity dedicated backbone like infrastructure.
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