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Re: Cable Modems (fwd)

  The competitive landscape for local service will be much more complex.
  Don't forget about the long distance companies.  AT&T, MCI, and Sprint are
  all seem very serious about entering the local telephone market.  All three
  of them offer national Internet access in one form or another.  It seems
  like it would not be too difficult for any of them to rent local loops and
  offer xDSL based service.
  In many ways you can make the case that these three companies are much more
  strongly positioned than the cable companies to becoming the leading local
  competitors for Internet access as well as telephony services.
  Bob Larribeau
  At 09:37 AM 8/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
  >From: Lars Poulsen <lars@silcom.com>
  >This is an attempt to start a fresh discussion about cable modem technology.
  >I am submitting this both to the TELECOM DIGEST (telecom@massis.lcs.mit.edu)  
  >and COM-PRIV@lists.psi.com, as well as to a couple of people I have discussed
  >related issues with in the past.
  >Many of us believe that the best bet to give the local telephone companies 
  >competition is the CATV operators. When it looked like such a competitive  
  >battle was coming up, the "Baby Bells" (the local telephone companies in the 
  >USA) started buying into cable TV companies in the UK (United Kingdom of  
  >England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland) in order to understand the game 
  >from the other side. They seemed to be quite successful.
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