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Re: ISDN Rate Increase In Alabama

  At 05:07 PM 7/31/96 -0400, BellSouth wrote:
  >On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, David Lesher wrote:
  >> Just received a FAX from Ms. Roberts.  Bell South submitted a
  >> proposed tarriff change for Megalink ISDN service.  The service is
  >> to be changed from flat rate to "volumn usage" (metered service).
  >> They propose the change become effective on Aug 24, 1996.  What is
  >> especially naueous about the proposal is that the cover letter
  >> to the secretary of the PSC clearly states "No revenue analyis
  >> has been made.".  If no analysis has been made, why is the change
  >> necessary and desirable?  
  >     BellSouth's proposed tariff on MegaLink ISDN in Alabama clearly
  >states the introduction of a flat-rate option to this private-line
  >service, in contrast to Mr. Lesher's assertion that the company proposes
  >to offer "volume usage" pricing.  (Incidentally, MegaLinkR ISDN is a
  >service geared toward our larger business customers, and is not targeted
  >to residential customers.)  Indeed, pricing for this and other private
  >line services is already on a usage basis..  We are simply adding a flat
  >rate option for MegaLink ISDN customers.  This is not a rate increase, by
  >the way.  We hope this clears up any confusion on the matter.
  >	- Lois Phillips
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