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Residential ISDN Service in New Jersey (fwd)

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  Newsgroups: nj.general,nj.misc,nj.market.computers,phl.internet
  Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 16:17:29 GMT
  From: pmokover@ix.netcom.com (Peter Mokover)
  Subject: Residential ISDN Service in New Jersey
  The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is scheduled to consider
  Bell Atlantic's revised Residential ISDN tariff at its July 31, 1996
  Many potential and current ISDN users throughout NJ are concerned
  about BA's ISDN rates -- they are unjustifiably high.  Fortunately
  there is something we can do about it.  Namely, write a letter to the
  Board objecting to the proposed rates.
  I realize that many people don't like writing letters but they are
  effective!  The Board does consider them carefully.  It is probable
  that all the letters the Board received about BA's original proposed
  ISDN rates ultimately caused BA to withdraw their original tariff and
  file the revised one.  (The revised tariff is slightly better but
  still not in a realistic ballpark.)
  If you would like more information about this, reply to this message
  via E-MAIL and I'll send it to you along with the details on where to
  write.  The time to deal with this is now -- before any long-lasting
  rate precedents are set.
  Peter Mokover
  Cherry Hill, NJ