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Re: Re-engineering the public switched network

  At 06:44 PM 06/20/96 -0400, David Lesher wrote:
  >That assumes that D channels GO somewhere....
  >While D was conceived as offering packet connectivity as well as
  >call setup data, it gets little use for that. To do so, the LEC
  >must install & maintain a packet switching network. Big Bux.
  >They charge accordingly.....
  I agree that the D channel packet network has to be in place, but other than
  that do you agree with me?  In California, for example, where Pacific Bell
  and I believe GTE already have packet networks, would these telco's need to
  make any other hardware or software changes to accomplish this type of
  bandwidth on demand?  Or would the only telco change be to lower the charges
  for packet to make this economically feasible?