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Re: Re-engineering the public switched network

  At 04:12 PM 06/20/96 -0400, James Love wrote:
  >I said that we were asking Commissions to require the RBOCs to come back
  >in six to 9 months with estimates of the cost of changing network software
  >to allow users to have a small open connection to a server, like the D
  >channel, with "bandwidth on demand," on a as needed basis. And also, that
  >they could discuss any better alternatives. 
  >Any suggestions on this topic?
  I don't know the technology enough to be sure of this, but can't this whole
  thing be accomplished without any involvement of the telco's at all?  Why
  can't a standard be developed to accomplish this strictly by changes to the
  software on the subscriber's PC or Mac and in the ISP's equipment?  An
  Internet connection would be set up via the D channel for low bandwidth
  traffic.  When the traffic gets higher the subscriber's end would dial in on
  a B channel and as part of the log on sequence would identify itself, tell
  the ISP's equipment that it is already connected by a particular packet
  session, and request transfer of the packet session over to this B channel
  connection.  When traffic got lower the subscriber's end would hang up the B
  channel and send a packet asking to resume the packet session.  No telco
  hardware or software changes would be necessary.