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Re: SWBT Oklahoma ISDN tariff application

  On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Fred R. Goldstein wrote:
  > I'm not aware of US West asking for callpak pricing.  The USW boilerplate
  > is more reasonable, if overpriced; its mainstream offering has a 200 hour
  > threshold.  
     In Utah, US West asked the Commission, during the hearing a few weeks 
  ago, to consider a new set of tariffs.  They dropped the flat rate from 
  183+ down to 149, as I recall, keep the $68 tariff for 200 hours, and 
  introduced a $50 tariffs with a 40 hour calling allowance.  Both the $50 
  and the $68 tariffs provide pre-paid calling for different blocks of 
  usage, 40 hours in the one case, and 200 in the other.  I thought that 
  pre-paid usage was a "callpak" package.  Am I using the wrong term?  In 
  any event, the difference between the $50 and the $68 tariffs are $18 and 
  160 hours == $.1125 per hour, for the last 160 hours.  All this one a 
  single B.  2B service counts double, so the $50 would buy 20 hours of 2B 
  or the $68 would buy 100 hours of 2B.  Scott and Lorraine, do i remember 
  these new tariffs correctly?
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