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Re: ISDN Centrex System

  6/13/96 9:22pm ct
          What state are you?
  At 21:44 6/13/96 -0400, CURTIS WENSLEY wrote:
  >I have not heard much about ISDN Centrex System.  I have been
  >checking into ISDN and a local ISP has setup this Centrex System. 
  >As far as I understand, I do not have to pay any usage fees
  >because I do not have to dial outside this system.  It's like I am
  >using the phone system within a company so I never have to dial a
  >outside line.  The ISP then forwards the charges to me as a flat
  >rate.  It sounds to me that every ISP should go this route.  A lot
  >more people would be jumping abord.  As far as I can tell, there
  >would be a inital cost to have the line run from your ISP, but
  >after that the monthly cost is minimal.
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