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Smoking gun in CA

  Dory Ethan Leifer wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
   DEL> ISDN is a giant marketing trial. If enough subscribers (or 
   DEL> their employers) are willing to shell out $100-$200/month for 
   DEL> access, competition will come with faster and eventually 
   DEL> cheaper options. If the LECs get beat into submission and the 
   DEL> price of ISDN gets stiffly controlled, we'll be living with it 
   DEL> for many years to come. I know this sounds like a rather 
   DEL> distorted view, but it's worth considering besides, I havn't 
   DEL> seen any RBOC responses so I feel compelled to take the 
   DEL> opposing view :)
  If you are relying on competition to control prices on anything related to the
  local loop, it is going to be a very long wait.
  -- Mike