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Re: Smoking gun in CA

  Fred R. Goldstein wrote:
  > ....
  > Let's get our numbers straight.  A 5ESS *can* block due to high traffic, but
  > can be engineered (for a price) to any traffic level, up to "non-blocking".
  > Ditto for a DMS, whose newer "Enhanced Network" fits more digital
  > crosspoints (virtual ones) into one shelf than used to fit into multiple
  > racks.  Cost studies have shown that when you add up the cost of switch
  > capacity, trunks, et al, PEAK HOUR local calls cost telco around half a
  > penny a minute.  Off-peak costs next to zilch, since it doesn't strain any
  > capacity.  Peak hour varies by location, of course; resi areas are evenings,
  > business areas daytime.
  > ....
  > I cast my vote for a *high* free-hours threshold in order to impose
  > cost-based charges (I'd market this as "semi-permanent circuit service") on
  > the few users who never hang up, while leaving 90%+ of users on flat rates,
  > making efficient use of the telephone network.
  Very well put!  I hope the regulators subscribe to this list...