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BA's rate change

  I talked with Bell Atlantic today, to find out what their new ISDN 
  tariffs are, since USA Today and AP reported that they have something 
  out.  They have been shopping these new tariffs around with some of their 
  critics, to see if they will mute the criticism of BA.  But BA said that 
  nothing had been filed yet, and that there was no reduction in their 
  residential ISDN tariffs, yet.  
  We expect to see new tariffs at some point which include several block 
  purchasing plans.  BA floated one with me that involved 60 hours of usage 
  (not clear if this is one or two channels.   But they apparently are very 
  much resisting flat rate calling options, even though several state 
  commissions are seeking flat rate options (DE, MD, DC and VA) for the BA 
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