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Re: satisfied customer

  At 11:32 AM 03/21/96 -0500, Andrew C. Esh wrote:
  >Try to think in terms of distance. The reason POTS is analog from the
  >CO to the customer is because A) The end user equipment is cheaper ...
  I used to think that way, but one of my clients, Dirk Hartogs, argues that
  digital end user equipment would be cheaper if it were widely deployed.  As
  an example, look at music CD players vs. record players.  If you look at the
  inside of both products, the record player may be as simple as a motor,
  rubber band, platter, arm, cartridge, needle, and simple wiring.  The CD
  player will be infinitely more complex, yet compare prices and you will see
  that CD players are as cheap as record players ever were.  The price range
  between the poorest and the best is also instructive.  The best record
  player will probably appear as simple as the worst, but will be very
  expensive because of the precision of the parts.  The best CD players aren't
  much more expensive then the cheapest because they are basically all the
  same and there isn't very much that one company can do better or more
  expensively then another.
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