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Re: Note from a satisfied customer

  On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, W. Curtiss Priest wrote:
  > >I think the point is that an ISDN signal is transmitted within the network
  > >as a digital network.
  > Interesting point.
  > My question is this, then?  How much of today's voice traffic is
  > actually digitized and travels via a digital network?  None?
  ALL of it is digitalized, (for all intents and purposes) the Analog modem 
  signal is also digitized right along...  so you have a digital signal 
  that contains an analog represntaion of a digital signal...
  The limit of 28.8 on anlog modems is because of the limit of what 
  digitalizing and de-digitalizing does to the signal.  Irrelivant to isdn 
  , which just sends it as stright digital..
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