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Re: Note from a satisfied customer

  At 09:21 AM 3/15/96 -0500, Bill Frezza wrote:
  >Now, I wouldn't give up ISDN for twice the price.  No more painful waiting
  >for graphics, no more half hour download sessions - this stuff is fast.  I
  >clocked a single B channel (64 Kbps nominal) at about 60 Kbps of actual
  >throughput and 2 B channels at about 90 Kbps, limited no doubt by the
  >serial port speed on my PowerBook.
  >So, at least for Bell Atlantic customers, I strongly recommend that you
  >junk your analog modem and go digital.  Let me also point out that the
  >computer industry could take a lesson in customer service from at least one
  >big fat old monopolistic phone company that got it right.
  ># # #
  >Bill Frezza is president at Wireless Computing Associates and co-founder of
  >the on-line forum DigitaLiberty.  The opinions expressed here are his own.
  >He can be reached at frezza@interramp.com or techweb.cmp.com/gurus.
  Well this whole article sounds suspicious to me it's to pro Bell Atlantic.
  I have no complaints with the quality of service provided by BA and the
  customer service that was provided to me but I use the Internet alot, well
  over a 100 hours a month and the real bottom line is why is it so much more
  expensive than analog?  They did not seem to care about keeping my analog
  line up for 24 hours or more since I am using the same trunking to my ISP
  anyway.  Bell Atlantic is taking advantage of their monopoly by pricing this
  service so high and they don't give a damn about you or me.  
  I agree with what Jamie is doing and saying about this price gouging by Bell
  Atlantic.  Just don't forget on day and leave your ISDN line up all night
  and don't get mad when you get the bill.  HAH