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You are all being taken for a ride

  Bob, in response to "Note from a satisfied customer," wrote:
  >++ Bill, is your forte PR for the LECs?
  No, as I said, my record on attacking fat, stupid monopolies is fairly
  strong. Go visit my web page and read some of my work if you have any
  doubts. I've worked for these guys and I know what the Bell companies look
  like from the inside, at the highest levels. They're doomed if you would
  only stop propping them up.
  My *personal* objective is to identify and expose pompous socialists
  wherever they rear their ugly heads. We need to eliminate regulation and
  government interference in the telecom insdustry, not extend it into the
  indefinite future or let it leak back into the PC industry.
  Think about what is going on here. Do you really think Ralph Nader gives a
  squat about your ISDN rates? What do you suppose his real long term
  objectives might be? For chrissake, if there are any people with brains on
  this list, start thinking two moves ahead. And if you are from Intel, you
  should be ashamed of yourself. Just wait until Nader starts agitating to
  hold hearings to discover the "correct" profit margin for a Pentium
  processor. After all, it's those "greedy computer monopolists" that are
  keeping this critical democratic technology out of the hands of the
  "information have-nots."
  Look, there is no doubt that the LEC's are behaving stupidly when it comes
  to ISDN rates. That's because the ARE stupid - stupid like a fox. They
  could easily maximize their profits while retarding competitive entry by
  lowering prices (as well as convince the Naderite pests to go away and
  bother someone else) but they don't want to. These monopolists are
  determined to focus their business around regulatory machinations, the only
  game where they have the upper hand against entrepreneurs, and they are
  more than happy to engage in the "process" with you or anyone else. Why do
  you want to play into their hands by keeping the game going? "Oh, br'er
  fox, please don't throw me into the briar patch." Fools! Who do you think
  wins if ISDN prices are set by regulators?
  Let's shut this racket down NOW.  If that means putting up with high ISDN
  rates for a while, fine, it's a worthwhile tradeoff. "Internet radio" and
  all of these wonderful new services we never dreamed of, that somehow we
  can't live without, can wait. (If you want to listen to the radio you can
  do this for free from a device you can buy for $10.)
  The very idea of holding government hearings to set prices, calling on
  "experts" and "consumer advocates" to testify what is a "just and
  reasonable" charge, is an abomination. THIS is what Nader and his minions
  are protecting, not you.
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