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Re: News from GTE here in Texas on ISDN

  Beginning on February 1, 1996, in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, from 
  GTE, ISDN Dial-Up Access Service:
  Option 1: "ISDN 64 PAK"
  $39.95 per month includes unlimited dial-up access, $20.00 one time 
  set-up fee:
  	Free Netscape Navigator Personal Edition
  	Full Internet Access (Browser, E-Mail and Newsgroups)
  	1 Megabyte of drive space on GTE web server for personal home page
  	Unlimited E-Mail
  	ISDN 1B Channel, dynamically assigned IP address
  Option 2:  "ISDN 128 PAK"
  $64.95 per month for unlimited access, $20 one time set-up fee
  	same features as above but:
  	ISDN 2B Channels, dynamically assigned IP address 
  Janice Shields
  Coordinator, Corporate Welfare Project & TaxWatch
  Center for Study of Responsive Law
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