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Re: CPUC Preliminary Hearing

  U.S. West has filed a tariff increase, the discussion of which may be fast-
  tracked for an open meeting on March 12, 1996.  
  Currently, U.S. West's tariff is $69 per month for 200 hours, after which
  time a usage fee may be charged.  U.S. West has not been assessing a usage
  fee in Phoenix.  U.S. West proposed to offer three different types of
  charges:  $39 per month plus a usage fee, $68 per month which includes 200
  hours after which a usage fee is assessed, or $189 per month flat 
  Comments should refer to Docket #1051-96-087 and be directed to :
            Renz Jennings
            Chair, Arizona Corporation Commission
            1200 W. Washington
            Phoenix, AZ  85007
            Other Commission members include Marcia Weeks and Carl
  CONTACT:  Arizona Corporation Commission
            Phone:    602-542-0837
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