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FW: Suburban ISDN

  Andrew Esh wrote:
  > There is a local ISP which is very interested in ISDN service. Their
  > name is Gofast, and they led the local fight to get USWest to step
  > up their installation of ISDN connections in the Minneapolis area.
  Yes, I've spoken with Mike O'Conner in the past.
  > The specific information you should look at is at:
  > 	http://gofast.net/isdnavail.html
  > There is a map there which shows what I've outlined above. Below the map
  > they list Burnsville as being scheduled for ISDN installation in the
  > first quarter of 1996, so you have at most six or seven weeks to wait.
  > Hardly worth the effort, but you might send a nastygram to USWest,
  > just for fun..
  The map refers to US West.  I am no longer in US West territory.  Burnsville is serviced by two different companies.  My new home is on the east side of Burnsville and is serviced by Frontier Communications instead of US West.