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Suburban ISDN

  I recently (read: two weeks ago) moved into a new home about 15 minutes from my old home.  In the process I also ended up moving out of US West territory.  While I was quick to complain about US West's poor service and poor pricing when it came to ISDN I was saddened to find that in my new home ISDN wasn't available.
  The phone company in Burnsville, Minnesota (the location of my new home, about 10 minutes outside of Minneapolis) is 'Frontier Communications' (formerly Vista Telephone, formerly Centel).  I got ahold of someone in their Business Service Group who informed me that they would take my name and number and put it on a list of people interested in ISDN and when that list got long enought they would consider upgrading their system to support it.
  I wish I knew of some other way to get the service short of petitioning local businesses to ask the phone company for it as well.  Does anyone on this list have any 'inside' information on what Frontier Communcations has planned for ISDN deployment?
  NOTE: An interesting, although rather elementary, article on ISDN appears in the Feb 19th issue of FORTUNE Magazine with credits given to James Love.