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Re: ISDN digest 62

  >         Why can't they do all this under the current D channel protocal?
  You would use the current D channel protocol (x.25) as the carrier for TCP/IP.
  The idea is to take advantage of the infrastructure and code that already can
  handle x.25 over the D channel, but add capabilities to the PPP Multilink
  code to start off by utilizing the "permanently connected" D channel/x.25 link
  to at least allow the remote site to respond to web clicks if not email, etc.
  Once a click is recieved, the remote site would bring up the B channel[s] to
  handle the higher volume traffic. Thus the remote site, connected by ISDN to
  net would look like its permanently connected, but not utilize switch/trunck
  resources just sitting waiting for hits.
  I've proposed this to several CPE vendors and RBOCs. Ascend is considering
  adding something like this to MP+.
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