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Re: Are ISDN calls on hold cheaper than active calls?

  2/5/96 6:06pm ct
  Robert Berger,
          Why can't they do all this under the current D channel protocal?
  Robert Brown
  At 13:46 2/5/96 -0500, Robert Berger wrote:
  >I believe the "correct" way to handle this is to have ISDN CPE to support TCP/
  >IP over the D channel and make the D channel part of the MP protocol so that
  >the CPE will bring up the B channels when data flow over the D channel execeeds
  >a threshold. The threshold could be protocol specific (like email will not
  >bring up the B channel, but flow through slowly, but an FTP or http data
  >This way remote sites would look like they were permanently connected.
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