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Re: Are ISDN calls on hold cheaper than active calls?

  My SS7 concern is that I don't know the time delay that would be incurred
  reestablishing a connection across the country using the SS7 network.  The
  only thing I have been able to measure is that call set ups take about 3
  seconds when you go through an IEC, almost independent of distance.  I have
  heard of call set ups between the U.S. and Tokyo of well under a second
  using a direct PRI to AT&T on the U.S. side.  If the delay to take a call
  off hold is too long, I think you will get objections.
  My real point is I don't see any reason with the LECs would want to invest
  in developing this technique.  It doesn't add to their revenue so the ROI is
  Bob Larribeau
  At 11:28 AM 2/4/96 -0600, you wrote:
  >2/4/96 11:22am ct
  >     I thought the question was "if" the call was within the same CO.
  >Otherwise, I agree with you.
  >     I am puzzled and the SS7 concern you have.  Isn't that the key to
  >queuing across the network (auto callback)?  Why couldn't we eventually have
  >the D channel setting up a conference call with some of the distant points
  >themselves setting up conference arrangements locally, thereby cutting down
  >on the need for  some toll paths?  I realize this would require some
  >imagination on the part of the LECs, but if Steve Forbes can beat Bob Dole....
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